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Date Night Games~Super Big Boggle

Thursday, May 9, 2013
If you are a parent you know that getting a night out of the house for a "Date Night" is rare. So this week I am going to be sharing with you a few games that you and the husband, even the kids will love playing. So turn off your computers and T.V.s and have a little date night at home. At the end of this little date night series there will be one huge giveaway where one lucky winner will receive all 7 games to enjoy and try out for them self.

Game number 3. Super Big Boggle.  Super Big Boggle is a super-sized grid including the NEW double letter cube and NEW blank cube. It has 36 letter cubes and a 4-minute timer to provide a fresh challenge with every game. The Biggest Boggle Game EVER! 

Super Big Boggle was so exciting yet challenging at the same time. Now I am not great when it comes to spelling. But my husband on the other hand is an expert. So even though I did not win but once. I was jumping up out of my char every game trying to see what I could do to distract him so that I could win. Not only was this game fun and exciting but also made us laugh which was much needed with the bad week we have been having. 

If you have not been following along and want to check out the other Date Night games we have been playing, I think you would love them. Yahtzee and Pass the Pigs. You can buy all of the game over at

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