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Date Night Idea

Wednesday, January 30, 2013
Between work, the kids and much much more Jared and I do not seem to spend enough time together, and the time we do spent together it is usually in front of the T.V. or on our computers. So we decided to make one night a week in which after the kids go to bed we shut everything off and spend some time just use two talking and having fun together.

Just this last week I received puzzle from Winning Moves Games, so we decided that we wanted to sit down and work on it together. We had so much fun and the puzzle was unlike any puzzle that I have ever worked on before. It had all these fun shapes to put together, such as a star, dog, moon and much more. If you are looking for a fun activity for you and your family, I strongly suggest trying out a puzzle from Winning Moves


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  2. Big puzzles for you and J and small puzzles for the boys then?


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