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Friday, July 31, 2015

The perfect snack for after practice ~$100 Gift Card Giveaway ~

This year is the first year Nolan is playing football. Although he is new to this, and boy has it been a struggle for him to learn everything since he has never played before, he has been a champ. He has practice three times a week and games on Saturday's. Keeping him hydrated has been a struggle but also keeping full is also hard. I'm not sure how this kid is so hungry all the time. He is only 5, and I feel he is already eating me out of house and home. I can only imagine what it will be like when he is a teen, and I have two teen boys to feed. Talk about scary. 

So each night after practice, before bed, I try to give him a small treat before bed. He just loves the smoothies I make him with the Shamrock Farms single-serve mmmmilk. This recipe is simple and easy and with the new single-serve milk it makes it even easier to make. I just pick up three each time I go to Walmart, and they last all week. How awesome is that? 

Smoothies are simple and each night I like to change it up a bit. Sometimes it's with the milk and sometimes it's with the fruit I use. But Nolan's and I have to say my favorite will have to be my Strawberry Banana smoothie. 


Shamrock Farm's Single serve mmmmilk (2% chocolate, chocolate milk, 2% strawberry, whole regular milk)

By mixing all the ingredent's above (just the juice from the orange), blinding it with my Nutri Bullet it only takes 5 minutes and my son is all set for his late night snack. I love that this is a simple, easy and healthy option for him to have. 

Shamrock Farms mmmilk is also launching Roxie's Ultimate Back-To-School Sweepstakes where one lucky winner will receive nearly $5,000 ($4,999) in gift cards to stock up on back-to-school supplies, groceries and a new wardrobe. You can enter the SWEEPSTAKES here and will be running from June 25- August 20th. Good Luck

I just wanted to share a few more of Roxie's amazing recipes. My favorite would have to be her Banana Rolls: 

1-2 tsp honey or agave nectar
1/2 cup peanut butter or cream cheese
Pinch  of cinnamon
2 bananas
2 whole wheat tortillas

Mix the honey (or agave nectar), peanut butter (or cream cheese), and cinnamon in a bowl. Spread mixture onto tortillas. Place a whole banana on each tortilla and roll up. Toast until golden brown on each side in a pan. Slice into 1/2 inch rounds, then serve with toothpicks. Don't forget to enjoy with your Shamrock Farms Chocolate mmmilk. 

You can also check out her: 


Thanks to Shamrock Farms I will be giving away a $100 gift card to Walmart. Must be 18 or older to enter. Erica's Walk is not responsible for the fulfillment of prize. 

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Monday, July 27, 2015

Formula For Happiness

This post is sponsored by Gerber® Good Start® Gentle but the content and opinions expressed here are my own.

Ever since I was a little girl I wanted to be a mom. I was that teen that babysat everyone's kids. Didn't mind staying home or walking out to the playground to watch the littles while playing. I didn't however expect to be a mom at the young age of 20. Ok, I know 20 isn't such a youthful age but was still unexpected, and I still feel I had much to learn.
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Being a new mom, you never unbiasedly understand how crazy life can be until you live it. Heck, I've just recently had my 3rd baby and still feel like I'm learning through her. I do feel now (after my 3rd kid) have got some of this "motherhood" stuff down. Gerber® Good Start® has asked me to share my formula for happiness.

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I know every mom/family has their own formula for happiness and mine comes with these simple, easy tips.

1. Give your spouse a break.

Whether it's a girls/guys night out, a trip to the grocery store kid free, or just to take a simple shower without interruptions. This is a big mandatory for both mom and dad. Having a child is one of the most important jobs in the world. But, even with this job you need a simple break from to clear your mind and not go crazy, regroup and be refreshed and ready to go for your little.

2. Sleeping schedules.

I'm a huge believer that every child should have a sleeping schedule. From babies to toddlers. I will be the first to admit I on someday cannot wait for the littles bedtime to come around. If it was a "rip your hair out" kinda day, and you're just ready for a break. There is nothing wrong with this. Children need their sleep and being on a set schedule not only benefits you but also your children. No one wants a cranky child from not having enough sleep.

3.  Share responsibilities with a spouse.
I find that most new moms have most of the responsibilities. From changing diapers to breastfeeding, bathing, etc. Let spouse feed the baby every once in a while. Let them get up in the middle of the night to rock the baby back to sleep. But never make it an "it's your turn" type of responsibility. If asked, just do it. Or just do it because you want to help not because you "have to".

4. Housework can wait.
This one is plain and simple. HOUSE WORK CAN WAIT. Period.

5. Parent how you want to parent.

Everyone will try to tell you how to bring up your child. Everyone has his or her own ways to make things work. Heck, even I do in this post. But it all comes down to how you want to parent your own child. Take it or leave it but never feel bad about how you want to do things. Mom/Dad always knows best.

Thursday, July 23, 2015

Brighten up your summer with a fun summer party.

This shop has been compensated by Collective Bias, Inc. and its advertiser. All opinions are mine alone. #ShareFunshine #CollectiveBias

There's nothing like throwing a party to brighten up your summer. Summertime is all about the sunshine, family, friends and most importantly fun. One of the best parts of having such a huge family is there's always birthdays, get together's and 'let's get together just because'. I'm pretty sure our family is so big there isn't one month in the year that we don't have a reason to get together, and I love it.

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This past Saturday was all about having fun and getting out of the house to spend time with the family. It was perfect timing to get together for it was my nephew's birthday, and I wanted a reason to make these fun party treats. Who can have a party without M&M's® or M&M's®  Rice Krispie Bites?

This M&M's® Rice Krispie Bites are just a tad different from your plan jane Krispie Treats. These are made with not only M&M's® but also with cake mix. Sounds tasty, right? Actually I know I'm right so I would love to share with you just how you make these fabulous treats. 

First things first. Ingredients. Head over to Walmart and pick up your M&M s®, stick butter, yellow cake mix, vanilla, Rice Krispies, marshmallows, and a mini muffin pan. 

How Too: Melt 3/4 stick of butter in the microwave, stir in 1/2 bag of 10oz bag of marshmallows for an extra 30 seconds, stir till melted together. Mix in 1/2 teaspoon of vanilla, 2 cups of Rice Krispies and 1/2 cup of M&M s®. Place in your mini muffin pan and press down. Remove from pan when cool. 

Depending on how sweet you like your treats you can add the frosting in which case you will need butter, confectioners sugar, vanilla, and milk. 

How to: Mix all ingredients together. First 1/2 cup of soft butter, 2 cups of confectioners sugar, 2 teaspoons of vanilla and 1 teaspoon of milk. Blend until smooth and top on Rice Krispy treats. Don't forget to add your M&M's®  to top off for decoration. 

Aside from all the fun treats we had on our party table we also decided it would be fun to have a little cookout. Burgers and hotdogs for the kids topped off with Dr Pepper® Cherry 2-Liter to wash it all down. 

One of my favorite parts of our parties or get-togethers would have to be when we're all in the kitchen together making jokes, talking and telling stories of how our week has gone.

My sister wasn't too sure about all the sweets but when I pulled out the SNICKERS® Ice Cream Bars she couldn't resist. I love being able to make everyone happy in some way or another. 

As far as the party table went I liked the idea of having a fun color drink to wash down all our deserts. This is where Skittles® comes into play. You see when you separate the Skittles® by color, add in your favorite lime drink the Skittles® turn your lime drink into that color. Perfect fun way to wash down the rest of your summer fun party treats. 

The family will always be family, but not only do I consider them to be my family but my best friends. We always have fun times together with or without the kids. Summer is such a fun time of year, and I will be sad to see it go. SO live it up while you can and throw yourself an amazing bright summer party and take lots of pictures for your memory books.

Let's not forget about the four-legged family members! With such a fun party going on the dogs loved chewing on their Pedigree Dentastix® Original. No one including the dog is allowed to be left out of the party. 

What party plans do you have this summer? Do you have a big family like I do? I can't wait to hear what all you have planned for the rest of the summer.

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Tuesday, July 21, 2015

The perfect birthday card for my best friend.

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This Thursday is my best friends birthday and when it comes to getting gifts I have a bad problem with giving gifts way to early. I gave her her gift last month. I told you it was bad. But this Friday we will be going out to dinner for a celebration of her birthday, and you can't show up empty-handed to a birthday party. 

Knowing that she is much like an aunt to my children, I figured why not jump into the car, head to Walmart and let them pick out which card they wanted to get her. If there's one thing my children love most, it would have to be birthdays. Yep, I said it. Birthdays. They absolutely love birthdays and not just their birthdays but anyone at any time, anywhere could be having a birthday party and they would want to be there. Not only do they love them but they will talk about it for a week straight. Before and after. Then next time we say we have a birthday party to go to they just assume it's said birthday party we went to last week. 

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Anyways.... As I was walking through Walmart when my boys noticed the Hallmark Minion cards. Trying to walk away from this adorable card would have been like fighting off mama bear protecting her prey. That's right, they would have gone crazy. The kind of crazy you leave the store for. The crazy that's every mom's worst nightmare in public. Yes, that crazy is why I didn't walk away plus the kid inside me fell in love with these cards too. 

Let's just say that my friend Yari will now have the coolest gift box and a birthday card to go along with it from my boys. And I'm sure she will love it. LOVE IT. 

Please tell me I'm not the only mom who has kids who love birthday parties as much as mine do? 

Monday, July 20, 2015

Help raise self-esteem and confidence with GoodNites

 This shop has been compensated by Collective Bias, Inc. and its advertiser. All opinions are mine alone. #ConfidentKids #CollectiveBias

When I found out that I was pregnant with my second boy all those years ago, I remember thinking to myself "I bet they will be just alike. Like the same things. Act just alike." But now that they're three and five I soon realized just how wrong I was.

For instance:

Nolan: Since he was small he loved his clothes. So much that we had to work with him to take clothes off. I'm talking long sleeve shirts, pants and socks at all times. And we live in Texas. Hot. All. The. Time. We slowly worked with him. First to wear short sleeve shirts, this took about six months. Then it was for him to wear shorts. This one took even longer. But the worst was the socks. He just now started to walk around without them.

Now Luke on the other hand. He loves to take his clothes off. All. The. Time. I can't get him to keep his clothes on and now that he is getting older it's not so cute.

Nolan: Potty training was the hardest. It took me forever to get him to use the toilet. Forever.

Luke: Luke potty trained himself. That's right. Every mom's dream and I lived it.

The one thing they do have in common is loving to sleep with blankets. Nolan has to sleep on top of his sheet, two different blankets and, of course, the one he covers up with. Luke has his "green" as he likes to call it. It's truly my blanket, has my name on it and everything. He will not sleep without it.  I only have one issue with this. Nolan is an extremely hard sleeper. Which means when he does pee the bed I have five blankets I have to clean. Five. It's horrible, but I have now found a solution that not only helps me with cleaning but also with Nolan's self-esteem and confidence when he wears his GoodNites TRUFIT Underwear.

When I came across GoodNites at CVS, I was excited to give them a try. One thing mom's hate most is waking up to an upset child because he didn't wake up in time to make it to the toilet. But now with GoodNites it helps him feel a little better knowing that he didn't "wet" the bed. A simple change of undies and he is set to go back to bed and saves this mom a ton of laundry.

Here is an outstanding Coupon for $4.00 off once you complete a short survey. Who doesn't like a good coupon? With the GoodNites starter kit, it comes with two pairs of undies as well as five pads. You can also buy the pads separate for future needs.

You can also find more information on GoodNites Facebook and Twitter accounts!

Do you children have any of the same issues? I would love to hear your stories and how you try to fix the concerns.

Friday, July 17, 2015

Getting the Most Wear out of Your Child’s Clothes

If you're the parent of multiple children, you likely know the value of a good hand-me-down. From toys to strollers and everything in between, repurposing your first child's little-used items for baby number two is more than just a wise decision, it's often a necessity. After all, raising kids is an expensive endeavor. According to CNN, it costs nearly a quarter of a million dollars to raise a child. With a number like that to consider, every penny counts.

It’s certainly true that many baby products are quickly grown out of or go unused, but the main culprit when it comes to lesser-used items is usually clothing. It's no secret that kids don't stay one size for very long, which means buying new clothes is something that can’t be avoided. And though that adorable outfit may have seemed totally worth the hefty price tag when you saw it in the store, it usually loses some of its appeal when it fails to fit your baby after the second wash. So when you decide to expand your family, you want to be able to reuse those lesser-worn pieces rather than buy a new wardrobe for every child.

Here are a few tips on how to make the most out of hand-me-downs, regardless of whether they were well-loved or little used by their previous wearer.

Strike a Balance Between Quantity and Quality

A dozen outfits that cost next to nothing is still money wasted if they don’t last for more than a few wears due to poor quality. Especially if you plan on reusing clothing for your next child, choosing better-made pieces is key. This doesn’t mean that every article of clothing has to be high-end or designer, but looking for foundation pieces that will stand the test of time will definitely give you more bang for your buck.

Of course, your baby is inevitably going to poop, vomit, or snot all over her onesie at one point or another, and your toddler is without a doubt going to come home from preschool with paint covering his t-shirt—you certainly want to have inexpensive clothing replacements when it comes to these types of situations. Just remember to create a good balance between quality and quantity to ensure you still have plenty of hand-me-downs waiting in the wings for future children.

Choose Gender Neutral Styles

One of the most common problems parents run into when reusing an older child's clothing is gender differences between the siblings. Despite changing attitudes about gender roles and stereotypes, pink is still for girls while blue is for boys. Surprisingly, it wasn’t always that way. As Slate points out, it wasn’t until the 20th century that sex-specific clothing came into fashion. And while it's true that a boy can sport a pastel pattern and a girl can wear a superhero shirt, most children, like adults, have fashion preferences that can make crossing stereotypical gender lines difficult. So what happens when your second child (or third or fourth) is not the same gender as your first?

The easiest way to get the most wear out of kids’ clothes is to look for gender-neutral styles. Though an overwhelming number of clothes for babies and toddlers are gender-specific, more and more companies are now offering unisex options. Kidswear company Tootsa MacGinty was founded by a mom who, frustrated by the lack of fashionable gender neutral children’s clothing options, took the matter into her own hands. Instead of focusing on gender, each piece is designed with the colorful, active lifestyle of a child in mind. It makes for fun styles that can be worn time and again.

Mix Old with New

Making good use of an older sibling's hand-me-downs doesn't mean your younger one's outfits can never consist of anything new. Use lightly worn clothing as the foundation of the wardrobe—items like pants, sweaters, jackets, etc.—and add in new, inexpensive pieces that express your child’s individual personality and style. A T-shirt that sports your child’s favorite character from a movie or TV show, or a special dress for the first day of school, are little ways to combine the new and the old.

Saving money when it comes to your kids’ clothes can be tricky, but getting the most mileage out of hand-me-downs can save both your budget and your sanity. Use these easy tricks when shopping for your first and you'll be set for every bundle of joy thereafter.

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

How Huggies can save the day!

Have you ever been to the grocery store and the handles on the cart are sticky?  Have you ever sat down at a restaurant and the table is still a little dirty from the previous people who were there?  Have you ever asked one of your kids for a kiss and realized after the fact that they had a runny nose?  All of these little life emergencies and similar instances can trigger a slew of emotions and reactions from disgust to panic.  I know it does for me.  And as I am getting "wiser" with my age, I refuse to say older, I am finding I don't need to let these events get the better of me.  My kids are sponges and watch how my husband and I act and react to EVERYTHING!  So when that happens, we take a breath and choose to take the high road.  Calmly grab the pouch of Huggies  Natural Care Baby Wipes out of the diaper bag or my purse and take over the situation.

Not only do we use these wipes for cleaning up the baby but literally we use them for just about everything.  I honestly saw my husband using these to clean the mirrors in the bathrooms at our house.  As for me, I think they do a fantastic job at removing makeup off of my face, especially when it has been a long day, and you just want to be in bed already.  And think about this, if they are good enough to clean mirrors and wipe my face clean, you know the wipes are pretty durable.

Aside from the obvious use of cleaning the children, I am curious as to what you have found wipes useful for around the house.  Chime off in the comments and let me know!


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