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Friday, August 28, 2015

Falling into passion for our anniversary!

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Summer is over, and it's about time that Fall shows up. Not only is the weather something that I'm extremely excited about but September is a month I look forward to all year and not just because the kids go back to school. This year marks six years I will be married to my husband. Six years. I feel like six is such a small number when I compare to other who have hit 40 or even 50 years of marriage. Marriage is not always easy. It can be messy, hard and sometimes stubborn. That's why I want to share with you how I plan to "Fall into Passion" with my husband and make our anniversary one hell of a start to a new year.


First things first. Getting a babysitter for a nice date night out. Who doesn't love a simple dinner and movie with the one you love? But this simple dinner and movie will not end at the movies. With the weeks leading up to our date, I have decided to make a fun "at home" scavenger hunt for just the two of us. A mini game to keep things interesting and a little romantic.


While away on my dinner date I had my friend go to my house and set up my table full of candles and place the first card/question as I have already hidden my other cards in the places for him to find.

For the search, I have written down a hint for the location of his next small surprise box along with a fun trivia question he must answer before moving on. For each question he answers I have made these fun little coupons for him.


Keeping things fun and romantic is what it's all about. By the end of this hunt, his last box will include K-Y® LOVE Sensuality Pleasure Gel for us to have a little mommy/daddy fun.

K-Y® LOVE Sensuality Pleasure Gel inspires couples to grow closer together and that’s just what I intend on doing over the next year.

Thursday, August 27, 2015

For the love of iCoffee

Thank you to iCofffee for sponsoring today's post. 

Waking up to that distinctivly intociating aroma of coffee in the morning is something that helps my day get started. There is nothing like the tell-tale crisp smell that puts a smile of every coffee lovers face.

Every since Jared and I went on our vacation to LA to see some of Jared's family, we have both been addicted to coffee. That's why I was so excited when iCoffee reached out to me, and I now have an amazing new iCoffee machine. Not only did school start this week making that aroma much more needed but with me working nights I'm always in need of a nice pick me up.

Nights can be hard when your not only away from your family but also just to stay up all night. As much as I love a good birth at the hospital but when you have three children and only get 3/4 hours of sleep coffee is a much-needed substance.

My iCoffee machine does everything needed to keep me going. With it's beautiful blue lights showing me that my flavorfull brew is being made to with little time to wait we just cannot get enough.

Being in love with my machine I have decided to work with iCoffee to bring one lucky winner a iCoffee machine of their own to fall madely in love with and get all wraped up in the intoicating aroma of their own favorite brew.

You must be 18 or older to enter this giveaway. Erica's Walk is not responible for prize fufillment. Fack acounts will be disqualified and all entries will be verified for the win. Please keep in mind that my last giveaway I had to find 7 different winners because of fake accounts and unverified entries.

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Monday, August 24, 2015

With me buying this, my husband wanted to clean!

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Boys will be boys.  Mine are no exception to the saying.  Going a hundred miles an hour.  Playing outside.  Running and jumping all over the place.  Playing with bugs.  Just always doing what typical boys do.  Sweaty and dirty boys are always the results of a day spent being boys.  But you never realize how much of that is true until you walk into your boys bathroom and realize it smells. When you help, take off your boys shoes, and their feet smell. The mess they make while eating dinner. Oh, how you cringe at the thought of how many germs they are spreading around your house. On your doorknobs, touching your phone screen and even poking your face trying to get your attention.  

I have to come to the conclusion that trying to keep their hands clean is like battling a wildfire with a spray bottle.  As hard as you try, it feels like you aren't making any forward progress.  But I have found an equalizer!  I thought to myself if I can't keep their hands clean, surely I can keep all the things they do touch clean and bacteria free.  Clorox Disinfecting Wipes have given me the edge on taking on the 'wildfire' known as my two oldest children.  I can keep the counters, door handles, bathrooms, mirrors and the many other trouble areas in the home clean where I know traditional cleaners have failed.  Whether it be a recent spill or a sticky mess that has been sitting for a while, I rely on these easy to use wipes to not only clean up the mess. I know that I am keeping a clean environment for our baby girl who is now crawling around and exploring the home for herself.

I bought these wipes for the sole purpose of keeping everything boys related clean and even reiterated this to my husband.  But like I said, boys will be boys.  He thought he was being sneaky by using these wipes for other reasons. Well, even after the pep talk, I found he was cleaning the kitchen after dinner one night using those wipes (I know what your thinking and yes I am a lucky woman).  Let's just say that if he wants to knock himself out by cleaning the kitchen every night after dinner that I will keep a steady supply of wipes under the sink for him to use whenever and wherever his little heart desires.  

Clorox Disinfecting Wipes

Knowing just how messy our children are and just how much bacteria our
children run around spreading can you imagine just how dirty their new
classrooms will be? Next time I visit Target I will be making an extra stop and picking up some more Clorox Disinfecting Wipes for a nice gift to my son's new teacher. 

You never know maybe you can make your husband start cleaning up more? Who want's to give it a try? 

Monday, August 17, 2015

Using Technology to Teach Kids

It’s hard to imagine a world without the technology that we have come to depend on. This is especially true for the younger generation that have never lived without the internet. With major advances, and fierce competition driving down prices, items like tablets which were once considered a luxury are now available to purchase cheaply from retailers like Tesco. This means that in recent years our children are growing up with more at their fingertips than we ever thought possible.

Why make the switch?

An educational revolution has begun with many schools and parents choosing to implement technology where possible to aid learning. With access to a vast database of information, kids can now begin a journey of self-development from an early age. Whether it be researching information or developing cognitive skills using applications, technology can have a major impact long into adult life. Here're some pointers to make sure your child is learning effectively and safely.

What skills will they learn?

The tablet is a ground breaking piece of hardware which can be used from a very early age. The great thing about Tablets versus technology like television is that it is interactive. The child can explore on their own and realise what actions evoke what response. The touch screen is also very effective at developing the fine motor skills. This could have positive effects on hand-eye coordination, transcending to other skills such as writing and playing sports. Applications are also great, allowing children to play and learn simultaneously. This is important as their ability to take in information is influenced by an interest or enjoyment in a given subject. Be sure to download apps that are tailored to your child’s interests while remaining challenging. If you child enjoys dinosaurs, an educational related app featuring these, will work best. Simple puzzles that are addictively fun can actually be playing an important role in strengthening memory processes and attention span.

How can I offset the risks?

This technology does have its risks but don’t let that put you off. There're plenty of easy and quick ways to ensure your tablets are child-friendly. Simple guides can be found online with step by step instructions. The software can be downloaded to lock certain apps, which you may deem inappropriate. Settings can also be changed to ensure no apps of an adult nature can be downloaded. You can also change your internet settings to blacklist sites and increase security for safer browsing. Again, software provider’s offer built-in security when browsing the web. Alternatively, there are child specific tablets on the market which have been designed for younger children with built in safety features for safe browsing. Parent supervision is also advisable, especially for children using the internet for the first time.

It may be intimidating for some, but this new technology is here to stay. It's the perfect interactive learning tool, keeping them happy while developing life skills.

Image by Devon Christopher Adams used under the Creative Commons License.

How Kellogg's and Sam's Club is helping my children and yours!

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Next week my oldest son will be starting school, and it is one scary moment for me. Growing up, I had difficulty in school because of my dyslexia. Getting made fun of for not knowing how to read, how to spell and when I got older, it even affected mathematics. Let's just say it wasn't the easiest and something I would not wish for any child to go through. And yes it started at a very young age. But as an adult I have grown attached to my books and reading. I have taught myself how to overcome my dyslexia and now read on a regular basis. Reading is something I have been keen on teaching my children.  I want my kids to love reading as much as I do and not fear it like I once did. This is why I was so excited to see the promotion Kellogg's had going on at Sam's.

A photo posted by Erica Bodker (@ericaswalk) on

Walking through Sam's Club the other day, checking out the various demos, I came across the Kellogg's offer for Scholastic books. While devouring my scrumptious treat given to me by the wonderful lady at the demo I read about how Kellogg's offer for Scholastic books works.

What is Kellogg's offer for Scholastic books?

When purchasing one of the 13 Kellogg's specially marked products at Sam's Club, you not only get a delightful snack for your children but you also get a free book. One free book for your children and one book that will be donated to a school in need. How cool is that?

After buying one of the many 13 specially marked Kellogg's products at Sam's Club, you head over to this website to collect your free book. It's simple you click on the "ENTER CODE NOW" button and the click "GET STARTED". Simple right?

You do not have to be a member to redeem your free book. After clicking "GET STARTED" complete the form, enter your address your would like your book mailed too and then after entering your 16 digit code found inside your specially marked Kellogg's product. When your "Thanks" page pops up, click the "ORDER NOW" button to make your selection of over 80 books. 80 books. That's right. 80 books. Click add to cart, review and "Place my order." Now you have a free book headed your way.

If you're not too sure which products you are interested in. Head over to Sam's Club and check out the Kellogg's Demo and get a tasty treat while you're at it. And if you're not a Sam's Club member. Don't fret, I have the perfect solution for you. Head over to this website and get your free Sam's Club pass to shop for the day. A 10% service fee applies on all non-member purchases when shopping with this One-Day Pass (not applicable in CA, SC or Elmsford, NY). The 10% service fee does not apply if the non-member decides to join the Club at the time of purchase. Which I'm sure will end up happening if you love Sam's just as much as I do.

You can never have enough books for your children. Nolan is now set for school. Although I'm sure my fears will remain (just being a mom) I will continue to do all I can to prevent my child from not learning or being scared to so.

What are you doing to prepare your little ones for school?

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Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Missing my children at night just got easier with CloudPets™

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There are many reason I choose to work night shift at the hospital. One thing would be that I love my job. I love my job, and I need my job. Working nights is the best option for me although others many not see it that way. Yes, I may miss a couple of bedtime stories, tucking my children into bed and being there for them in the middle of the night when they have a bad dream. But for me it's more important that I'm able to be there during the day when needed. I still get to be there when they wake up, eat breakfast with them, eat dinner with them and hey if they have a school even all I have to do is lose a little sleep and I can be there.

This doesn't mean that I enjoy NOT being home for bedtime. I have now found a perfect solution. I was walking through Walmart the other day and came across the new one of a kind CloudPets™.  CloudPets™ is a wondrous teddy that I can send messages through to my children while at work just by using an app on my phone. All you need is, your CloudPets™, three AA batteries, and love.

****Here is how it works! ****

But that's not it. Not only can I send my children fun little messages and recordings but they can also send me something back. OK, OK, Nolan can send me something back. Since he is the only one, who will understand how to work it right now.

But let us not forget THE HUSBAND! He has been having so much fun sending me messages while at work. Sometimes it's just of Ryan laughing and sometimes it's just us having fun and goofing off. It's nice to have something simple like this to add a little fun to our lives.

I look forward to hearing the laughs and giggles and good nights while at work. It gives me something to keep going the nights as I'm missing my children. So being a night shift mom has both it's ups and downs, but I wouldn't change it. I love and cherish my children with all my heart and these little moments I have with them, even from a far melt my heart every night.

So what are you waiting for? Head over to Walmart and pick up you very own CloudPets™They are located on a center display at the front of the store. 

Do you have a loved one this would be great for? Maybe you have a loved one far away over seas? I'd love to hear how you would use this in you home. 

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Life's little lessons!

This shop has been compensated by Collective Bias, Inc. and its advertiser. All opinions are mine alone. #iamprotective #CollectiveBias

Becoming and being a mom is one of the most important things that has ever happened to me.  I treasure my children and cherish the moments that put a smile on my face and even the ones that do the opposite of that.  You know the ones I am trying to reference.  It is such a joy to watch your kids grow up and discover new things they like and dislike such as food, superheroes, clothes and so much more. Just the thought of seeing them grow into adults brings tears to my eyes. Not only because I love them but also because I know what that means for me. College. Saving for college. The things in life we have to start planning because before we know it, time will have passed and they will be grown.

My oldest son, Nolan, is quite fond of Ninja Turtles.  It is amazing to me where he picked this up from as well.  He has never seen a movie or TV show and every time we ask him if he wishes to watch something with the turtles, he politely declines and tells us that he wants to watch something else.  But, despite the fact he never has seen them, he is infatuated with them.  He always tells us the things he wants for his birthday year around or even the backpack he wants for school.

Now, instead of letting the constant reminders of all the things I have to get him for his birthday get to me, I love being able to work with my son and educate him on the importance of a few things: Chores; Money; Saving.

Don't worry, it's not like I am having my five-year-old mow the grass or weeding a garden for his chores.  Simple things for him to get done and he can see after he accomplishes these simple tasks the rewards of his "labor."  Please take note of the quotations around "labor."  Picking up the toys in his room and putting his dishes in the sink after he is finished with dinner are in his words, "So hard."

Completing his chores and him seeing the rewards is the easy part of this equation.  Trying to explain savings and him understanding it, we might as well be speaking a foreign language because he does not comprehend it at all.  He sees the small amount of money and wants to go pick up that new backpack for school.  After much deliberation, the money ends up in the piggy bank, and he will soon see and hopefully understand the importance of saving all of his money.  School is about to begin, and he will get to choose his backpack.  With fingers crossed, he will finally get the importance of redundantly putting his earnings aside for another day.

My son may not get the concept, and that is okay.  We will try again.  My husband and I are resilient when it comes to teaching our children important life lessons such as working hard, the importance of a dollar, and saving for the "backpack" which may also be a high-end purse.

Not only are my husband and I trying to teach our children all we can about saving and the value of a dollar but us ourselves are also learning the importance of saving. Saving for that family trip or even more important COLLEGE. Heck having three children the price for college seems to keep jumping and jumping every year. That's why we have been reading these articles to help make the best decision possible. There are more than a couple of different options for us to pick from. Who knew? Finding the right plan for our family was simple, and by reading these articles I have found more ways to help my children understand the importance of saving as well.

Whatever the case may be. Saving for college, a vacation or that high-end purse it never hurts to give Protective a look at. Making the right choice for our family has put me at ease about my children's college and my future vacation (aka purse).

How are you teaching your children to save? I'd love to hear some of your stories!


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