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Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Save and Celebrate Independence Day

This shop has been compensated by Collective Bias, Inc. and Walmart Family Mobile. All opinions are mine alone. #Save4Summer #CollectiveBias

Summer is all about having fun, swimming and vacations. With the 4th coming up and the kids getting a little older to help celebrate, I decided to have a little fun and throw us an at home Fourth of July party. We created our own placemats, chocolate covered bananas and marshmallows. They had a soft inside with that sweet crispy outside that just melted in your mouth. One of those desserts that you just can't get enough of. Of course, we partnered the desert with refreshing infused strawberry and blueberry water that my boys actually wanted to drink due to the fact they thought it was cool how it had fruit. All made possible with the Walmart Family Mobile plan. But not only can you save for a simple fun party like this one but also to pay off bills and become more independent.

This Independence Day I look back and realize how much I love my independence. It all started right out of high school when I had to learn how to survive on my own. Make my own money, pay my own bills, make your own decisions and like many others learn the hard way just what being independent really means. Then in walks marriage, family and a new form of independence. Learning how to save money, pay bills for not just yourself but for your family and make decisions as a couple. Now as much as I love my own independence it can also be hard at times. Things seem to be getting more and more expensive and being able to pay all your bills and save money for trips, vacation and the kids future is not always easy. But I'm here to help and share a breath of fresh air by showing you how you can save some money for all of those things you want or need.

What are your plans for the rest of summer and the Fourth of July? Do you have any stories about being independent? If so please leave me a comment. I would love to hear what you have to say.

How to save money  by switching to

Walmart Family Mobile!

Disclaimer: All prices for phones and plans included in this post are accurate as of the date of posting; however, these prices are subject to change. Please refer to or your local Walmart for current pricing. 

Who doesn't love saving money? I know I do and take every chance I get to do so. With Walmart Family Mobile (found at Walmart) you can save up to 2,000 dollars a year. I know you're probably thinking I'm crazy and there is no way you can save that much  money just by changing plans. But it's true! You can.

By switching over to the Walmart Family plan not only are the phones amazing like my new LG Leon but it only cost me $99 for the phone. A one-time starter kit of $25 and monthly payments that are as low as $29.88 a month with NO contract, Unlimited Talk, Text & Data which includes up to 1G of 4G LTE data. No, contract people. That's the best part in my opinion.

Another awesome thing for those of you with big family and teens ready to get their first phone is that it's only an extra $5 to add a line. With unlimited talk, text and data what could be better? My children aren't teens yet, but I can't even begin to imagine how much a normal phone bill would go up adding my 3 children to a normal plan.

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Breakfast and Star Wars, what is better than this?

If your husband is anything like mine, Star Wars is all the rage and always has been. Although I'm not a huge fan my husband and kids sure are. I'm not even sure why my kids are because they have never sat down and watched any of the movies before. But I guess, like father like son right?

If you have boys then you know how much food they eat and how often they wake up asking for food as soon as they open their eyes. Now I love to make a fun breakfast but there are always days when I just want to pour a bowl of cereal and be done with it. Now I get to do both. Have a fun breakfast and just pour a bowl of cereal. Boom minds blown. Fun Star Wars cereal. I also like to throw in the "once you go to sleep you get to wake up and eat Star Wars cereal."  The kids are quiet after that line.

Star Wars Cereal is a delicious fruity flavored cereal with marshmallows. There is only one kind of cereal, but there are currently two limited edition package designs that you can choose from.
Beginning June 1st, Star Wars Cereal can be found in major retailers and grocery stores across the country.

The awesome thing about this cereal is that Luke, my allergy baby who is allergic to everything, is able to eat this amazing cereal.

Contains whole grains, does not contain high fructose corn syrup, is a good source of calcium and vitamin D, and only has 9g of sugar per serving.

Marshmallows “Marbits” are in 6 fun shapes

• Yoda (green)
• R2-D2 (blue and white)
• Jedi Fighter (pink/red)
• Stormtrooper (white)
• Lightsaber (blue)
• Lightsaber (red)

Corn pieces are in 3 fun shapes

• TIE Fighter
• X-Wing Starfighter
• Millenium Falcon

Yoda Package

• Has a quiz on the back of the package for fans to test their Star Wars knowledge

Darth Vader Package

• Has a board game on the back of the package for fans to play as they enjoy their delicious cereal.

Don't forget your $1 off coupon HERE and start your day off right with happy children and may the Force be with you :)

Monday, June 22, 2015

Let's have a baby

“I participated in a Influencer Activation on behalf of Influence Central for First Response. I received product samples as well as a promotional item to thank me for my participation.”

"You're crazy, people don't do this"

I'll never forget those words coming out of my husbands mouth. It was going on the third month of us trying to conceive Ryan and by this point I was doing everything (like most women trying to get pregnant) to make it happen and if that meant timing then so be it. Now, we've all seen it in the movies, the crazy things that women do when trying to get pregnant. NO! I was not that crazy (ok maybe a little) but when you try and try it seems only right to make your husband do CRAZY things.  Having him check weather patterns and my personal temperature to brewing up concoctions that make you more fertile and sex at certain times of the day.  You know, all the wives tales we have heard of or read on the internet.

I loved that feeling of waking up, being excited because today was test day. Don't pretend you don't know what I'm talking about. Yes you know who you are. The day you wake up because your First Response lets you know the earliest. It's almost like Christmas morning. The morning you know could change your life forever all from peeing on a test. And if you're anything like me you just can't wait.

You just can't wait to pee on a stick.

A stick that could change your life forever.

The best stick on the market because you just can't wait that extra 6 days for your missed period.

All to find out if.... wait for it.... wait for it...


It's positive. We are having a baby. Again.

Then that moment comes when you run out to the store and pick up another First Response just to make sure you're seeing the right thing. That the time has finally come and you're actually pregnant.

Yes I know that feeling. I know that feeling twice over and every time I stuck to my First Response. It always told me 6 days before time. Who wants to wait when you've been trying longer than expected?

Why I decided to go with First Response?

First Response detects all relevant forms of urinary hCG as early as six days before your missed period. It's easy-to-read results in 3 minutes with over 99% accuracy. Easy two line pregnant results and can be tested at any time of the day. With a new design that curves to fit a woman's hand better, 50% wider tip and a longer handle. 

So if it's that time of the month or you thought you had to wait that hard long six days, head on over to any local drugstore, mass and/or grocery store and pick up your First Response and find out sooner.

I wish you good luck on your life changing endure.

Saturday, June 13, 2015

Top 5 Websites in Singapore To Buy Bags Online

Stylish and trendy bag not only compliment your attire, but also spruce up your personality. You will find a range of bags available in the market, but it is indeed time-consuming and confusing. Instead, browsing through a virtual shop is easy and you get ample time to check and choose your favorite bag. There are many online websites in Singapore that offers remarkable selection of bags, and some of them are as below:

Qoo10 is a famous online store where you will find an extensive variety of handbags, wallets and luggage bags. You will find hundreds of thousands bangs under Women category in different colors, sizes and shapes. The giant store is one of the most favorite online shopping destinations in Singapore as it not only provides latest selection, but also offers discount and offers. Therefore, it is highly advisable to visit the website, and explore the selection. You will find a good selection of luxury bags here.


Zalora is indeed paradise for shoppers as it is easy to navigate and very comprehensive. Under women category, you will find a separate section for bags, which displays different types of wallets, purses, backpacks, shopper bags, shoulder bags, top handle, sling bags, clutches, travel bag and more. In order to save your time, and give your search a direction, there are some filters are given to choose your suitable price range or favorite brand and color. Some popular brands that you will find here are ALDO, Alfio Raldo, Betsey Johnson, Burton, CAT, ESPRIT, Gregory and many more. Zalora also provides voucher code to avail the additional discount for users do to get the discount on bags use zalora vouchers and save the money while shopping from zalora. For more offers and dealsvisit sites like


Lazada can be an ideal destination for online shopping. The website is known for offering plethora of bags, including tote bags, cross-body bags, top-handle bags, satchels, shoulder bags, weekender bags, clutches, purse, business bags, sling bags, backpacks, and travel bags. No matter which color, style or brand you are looking for, you will get everything here at Lazada. Some major brands available here are Agnes, ArioMart, Beverly Hills Polo Club, Blue lans, Calvin Klein, Chanel, Chloe, Cath Kidston and more. 

Best World Buy:

The website claims to provide products at the best price in town. Best World Buy has a very rich product line that includes skincare, makeup, body, fragrances, accessories, men, etc. You will find a mix of branded and local brands here, but everything available here is reasonably priced. Some major bag brands available are Acqua Di Parma, Balmain, BvLgari, Calvin Klein, Candy Doll, DKny,  Diesel and more. You will also find some new brands as well here. 

The Attic Place:

The Attic Place is an exclusive site where you will find a massive selection of handbags. The website carries a wide array of bags from major designers and luxury brands such as Aigner, Balenciaga, bally, Bottega, Burberry, Cartier, Chanel, Chloe, Christian Dior, Louis Vuitton, MCM, Miu Miu, Fendi, Gucci, Tod’s and more. The website is committed to providing only authentic designer products, and offers a 100% refund on items that customers find otherwise.

Thursday, June 11, 2015

SeaWorld fun.

I am part of Sea World of Texas’ 
Wildside blogging team. That means my family and I are provided complimentary passes to Sea World in San Antonio as well as complimentary entry to other events hosted at the park. All opinions are my own.
Me being the most awesome mom (that right MOST AWESOME mom) in the world the day before the last day of school my husband and I decided to take our boys to SeaWorld. Why the day before the last day of school and not just wait for school to end? Well... Because I wanted too and I need no reason other than SeaWorld would wait no longer for the Bodker family to join in its SeaWorldness of glory. So I packed up the boys, dropped Ryan off at Nanny's and hit the road.

With all the excitement about no school and SeaWorld in our near future the boys had it all planned out. Ride rollercoasters and ride rollercoasters. I'm not sure why this surprised me but Jared and I had other planes. We wanted to see some shows. That was about the only plan actually. I know, I know great idea awesome mom.

Of course the first thing we ended up doing is ride us some rollercoaster and steer clear of all water for we know once the boys saw the water our lives would be over. Full of kicking and screaming water excitement and no shows would have been watched.

We snuck the boys past the water park without any problems I might add. We found the killer whale show and the boys absolutely loved the show, to the point where they want to watch the whale shows on YouTube. We decided to sit on the 16th row thinking it would be just fine and far enough away to not get soaked. 16th row! Yeah we were right, the people on the 16th row one section over got soaked. Boy did we get lucky and the boys had such a blast watching everyone get wet.
While we were exiting the show, Nolan had seen the Steel Eel.  Nolan wanted so badly to ride it and we just had to see if he was tall enough to do so. He was only about an inch short but I'm sure by the end of summer we will endure the wrath of the Steel Eel and enjoy every second of it. 
On to the water we went. Skipping and jumping all the way there. Although Aquatica wasn't open yet the splash pad sure was and the boys had a blast.
Although we didn't make it to the whole park I'm excited to see what else SeaWorld will have in store for us the rest of this summer. 

Lets just say they had a great time...

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Ryan's 7 month old pictures.

I still cannot believe that my baby is 7 months old. Not only is she getting big and big fast but the fact that I have my own little princess is still a huge shocker to me. I just had to share how beautiful this little one is. Ryan can now sit up by herself, has said mama once (trust me she said it) and loves her two big brothers. Life is amazing and Ryan always is extremely happy. God has been good to me when it comes to my children and I'm truly blesses to have all three of them in my life. 

Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Recap of my amazingly fantastic road trip to Dallas SoFabU On The Road trip. #SoFabUOTR

 This grant was provided to me by Collective Bias, Inc. All opinions are mine alone. #SoFabUOTR #CollectiveBias

After jumping into my car on Friday morning for the trip of the year to attend SoFabUOTR saying that I was nervous was an understatement. If you've been watching or reading the news lately you know how much flooding has happened here in the great state of Texas and I was about to make the drive from San Antonio to Houston to Dallas. All of which have been underwater so to speak. But now that I'm home safely I have to say it was more than worth it. 

Recap of my amazingly fantastic road trip to Dallas SoFabU On The Road trip. 

Saturday morning in Dallas, the weather decided to start the day of with a bang and throw a storm at us. One I fought through and was well worth getting a little soaked doing so. 

Before the event even started I had the pleasure of meeting some my Facebook friends that I have never met before along with other stunning members of the SoFab community all while enjoying a delicious whole hearty, melt in your mouth breakfast sponsored by Muller®. 

Some other sponsors included Kraft, Johnny Rockets, Collective Bias, iBlog, Mitsubishi Motors, LegoLand, Shell, Kind and GoGo Squeez. 

Although I thoroughly enjoyed the entire conference there were just a few speakers I felt I learned the most from. One of them being Rebecca E. Parsons. Rebecca made us use our brains during her teachings of words. I'll be the first to say I'm no word smith but Rebecca made everything fill simple and extraordinary.

Next up would have to be How to Use Social Media with Randi Dukes.
I have to say I'm a huge fan of Social Media and a true believer that you can never have to much information. Although I like to believe that I know a massive amount when it comes to social media you can always learn something. Some interesting facts Randi shared with us were:
Did you know that 2 am & 5 am are the best times to post? I didn't, but now I do. Also who would have thought that the best overall time and day to post to Instagram is on Wednesday at 5pm.
Gives you SEO Credit
Best when you use 3-5 hashtags.

After spending the day listing to all the amazing speakers we headed out into Gaylord (where the conference was held) for our Afternoon Education Adventure. I was completely overwhelmed at how fascinating the grounds at Gaylord were. They had a theme of Alice in Wonderland. Great for photos and children. (I think I will be taking my children back!) Food and drinks from Gaylord chefs that just the memories are making my mouth water. 

Meet Kara, also one of my San Antonio bloggers that I had the pleasure of meeting.

We ended the trip with a fun Happy Hour at Texas Station in Gaylord sponsored by Shell Oil, where we connected even more.

If this is something that you would be interested in joining. SoFabU On The Road might just be coming to a town close to you. Check out the dates and locations and have fun learning and connecting with other bloggers.


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