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Friday, March 27, 2015

Make your home feel like Spring

If you know me or even if you know my husband you know how indecisive I am and it's even worse when it comes to Jared and I are trying to decide something together. Over the last couple of weeks we've been trying to make our house look more like spring. And when I think of spring I think green. I think flowers and plants and anything you can do outside in the sun.

Jared and I have also been wanting to be a little more "Green". We have decided to try out something new and put some plants in our home. We are in the middle of deciding what we want when I tell him roses he says lilies. We can never agree on anything so we decided to just do both. 

Then I got this great idea about just buying some plants online. Can you even do that? 

Umm.... Yes, you can! I'm so excited to say that I'm in love with everything my husband actually likes and is wanting to get. Just check out the range of office plants at 

Now to decide just which ones we want. I'm sure we can come up with something we both agree on and make our home just that much more amazing and all without doing all the hard work. I love how just took all the hard work out of making a decision and I know I can leave it up to my husband since I'm loving everything they have. 

Are you looking to upgrade you home plants? Or do you have an amazing office that you want to spice up a little and add some green? If so this is the place to go and check out. I know my house will be looking amazing in just a few weeks and I can't wait to show all of you. 

Don't forget to check back with me on what i'm doing next. 

Let's all be a little more green. 

Thursday, March 26, 2015

Small hump to overcome in my challenge :(

As most of you know I started my 30 week challenge last week. Well.... It didn't get off to a good start. If any of you remember when I was pregnant I had an issue with my foot. It was actually a partially torn tendon. It was swollen for weeks and all of a sudden it just went away. The pain, the swolleness, all of it. That was right before I delivered. Until of course a couple of weeks after giving birth to Ryan in October. But when it came back it was no where near as bad so I just keep going as if everything was normal. 

Last week when I started working out again for the first time. (I was so excited about it) I hadn't had a flare up in weeks. The class I took was not something that was hard on your ankles, no jumping or anything of that sort and I woke up the next day with this....

It's hard to tell if you're not sure what to look for. First off my ankles are not that big. It is very swollen and there is a quarter size brush right under my ankle. That is where I have a partially torn tendon. I know yuck right. So as for now I will be finding ways to work around this and not make it any worse then it needs to be. 

I am extremely sad this is happening to me again but I will over come this issue and get back into shape. I will keep everyone posted about what's going on but for now. 

Why Everyone Should Try Horse Riding


Many equine enthusiasts have advocated horse riding and, more specifically, trying it at a young age. However, most who have the pursuit recommended are sceptical due to how much it supposedly costs. Whilst it is true that many elite stables provide lessons which are expensive to put it mildly, there are many smaller but still respectable stables that offer discount lessons or run school-affiliated programs. For example, free riding lessons our available at many local stables for those willing to help out at weekends.
Horse riding is a fabulous exercise with everyone from supermodels to elite bodybuilders gushing about its benefits. Some people may sniff at the idea, claiming that the horse is doing all the work but this simply isn't the case. The core muscle strength, flexibility and stamina needed to ride a horse is exceptionally high, and riding from a young age will intrinsically build up these physical attributes.
Moreover, whilst weightlifting or treadmill pounding can give you the same level of workout, confining yourself to a stuffy gym is hardly the most enjoyable way to keep fit. Horse riding gets you out into the open air and allows you to gallop across picturesque landscapes. Also, when you have got into the swing of things, horse racing is a great life skill. The world is massively opened up to families who can all mount a horse and explore the stunning foreign countryside together.
It is also not just your body that will benefit from horse riding. It has been proven that riding, and being around horses, can have massive mental benefits. Equine-assisted psychotherapy is becoming increasingly popular, with the Brighter Pastures stables at Blue Mound's clinics proving successful and beneficial to its patients.
Additionally, studies have shown that equine-based activities can help children with learning disabilities, with the Futures Alternative Learning and Development Centre at Broomhill Farm in the UK helping hundreds of kids each year
Even for those not suffering from a mental illness or learning difficulty, horse riding can be a calming and stabilising experience. Riding a horse is a sensitive and emotive experience, requiring you to forge a deep connection with your animal. Also, through caring for your horse's needs when not riding, you gain a massive sense of satisfaction and purpose through looking after them. Horse riding is a truly multi-layered experience which combines exercise with personal development.
This is helped by the communal feel of horse riding and, more specifically, the stables. Getting to know, and learning from, trainers and breeders is a very rewarding experience and the relationships you forge in this environment can last a lifetime. For instance, many stables are run by families and often generations will be trained by this same core-group. This family-like dynamic, and warm atmosphere, means that new riders not only don't feel initially intimated but come back because of passion not obligation.
The other beautiful thing about horse riding is that you can pursue it in any way you like. For example, many riders never wished to race or get involved in competitions, and are perfectly happy just clopping along at a gentle pace. Others are all about speed and jumping. Going back to the example in the UK, if they are that way inclined, some even use their experiences riding, and consequent astute understanding of horses, as a way to get an edge in regards to Grand National betting. This is a popular gambling pursuit in the UK as the British steeplechase is the largest of its kind in the world and attracts attention around the globe.
So, if your child shows an interest in horse riding, let them go for it. They may become a professional jockey or just an enthusiastic amateur, but one thing they will undoubtedly gain is a healthier mind, body and soul.

Friday, March 20, 2015

Mother Nature doesn't have hold on me!

This shop has been compensated by Collective Bias, Inc. and its advertiser. All opinions are mine alone. #FitToPlay #CollectiveBias

This last month has been an especially hard and trying month when it comes to the mom department. Not only have I started working out and doing my 30 day post baby challenge but mother nature has also decided to strike for the first time post baby. If you're a mom or even just a woman then you know how fun it is with mother nature decides to strike.

This can be an issue for some women or women like me. I not only work 12 hour night shifts at the hospital, be a mom, a wife, and also do A 30 day post baby challenge. I just don't have time for mother nature when I'm always on the go. This is when the new Playtex® Sport® comes into play. I was excited when I noticed at Walmart that they now have a new Playtex® Sport® Combo Pack (Tampons and Liners) perfect for what I'm in need of. Something to keep me covered no matter what I'm doing and will not drag me down. Mother Nature does not have hold on me. 

Being out with the family or even rushing at work on a busy night the last thing I'm wanting to deal with is Mother Nature. Playtex® Sport® now has me covered. Not only for work and life but my "Mother Nature" problem is no longer a problem but maybe just an inconvenience.

NEW! Playtex® Sport® now available in Pads, Liners and Combo Packs at Walmart! Now Sport Level Protection™ pads, liners and combo packs with Flexfit™ design to twist and turn with your body. Don't let your period get in the way. PlayOn!

Thursday, March 19, 2015

My challenge has started and my legs are on fire

Thanks to DelfinSpa for sponsoring today's post.

Just the other day I wrote about starting my 30 day post baby challenge. I have now started this challenge and boy oh boy was this not easy for me. After having Ryan my body has been begging me to get back into the gym. Ok maybe not my body but my mind has. Knowing that this will be my last baby I am so ready to get my body back.
Getting my body back means me having to put it through hell and back. My first night in the gym was not the easiest and not fun what so ever. I did take before pictures which I will not be showing until I have something to show I accomplished. 

I did however take this picture showing off my new Delfin Spa pants. I've had so many people ask me for updates on my Delfin Spa pant and here it is. They are absolutely amazing. I will be using them during this whole challenge and show how fun the results will be. Here is my first post that will explain exactly what they are. 

Let me just say that I have accomplished my first night of working out and day of eating right and now I cannot feel my legs. Like I cannot stand up without fear of falling. This feeling that I love and shows that I did my work is great.
Off to my next day and on with this hard challenge. I will be back

Big thanks to my friend Jerry for helping me push through this hard class. My body is thanking you... NOT. Love you buddy.

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

5 ways to Greener Living at Home

This shop has been compensated by Collective Bias, Inc. and its advertiser. All opinions are mine alone. #BringingInnovation #CollectiveBias

Just the other night when Jared and I were watching a documentary about how much plastic was really on the Ocean floor. I was in shock. This caused me to think about the little things. Little things we can do to reduce trash and even start to recycle. How we can teach our children to recycle. Because even the little things count.

I made a 5 ways to Greener Living at Home that anyone can follow. Remember it's the little things.

#1. Recycling.

This one has to be the most obvious. Recycling is extremely easy and something that I'm ashamed to say we didn't do before this. This was the most fun to teach the boys to do. We took a empty diaper box to re-use and decided to have a little game with the boys. We gathered all the cans and bottles we could and played the boys favorite game. Basketball.

#2. Re-using sheets, towels and clothing.

This is something that we have been doing since the boys were young. You can always find someone in need of sheets, towels and always clothing. If not you can always donate them to a thrift store or Goodwill. Along with being green this is also a good way to help others and an awesome way to teach the kids to give back.

#3. Re-using gift bags.

This one is fun, simple and easy. I always keep my bags after a party or gifts are given to me. Not only does this save me money but also is a way to recycle something. I use them for re-gifting or even a fun DIY project. Most the time they are beautiful or have a fun print making them the best to reuse.

#4. Changing out your batteries.

When I decided that our house was going to be a little more green, batteries was a huge deal for me. I was on the look out for the best "green" batteries I could find. Before heading to Walmart I did a little research and found that Energizer EcoAdvanced batteries, a new product that was made out of recycled batteries and materials, holds up to 12 YEARS in storage and come in AAA and AA. Making them perfect for my boys toys. Another fun way to teach the boys. Doing this we found tons of toys that didn't even work due to dead batteries. Perfect timing. Don't forget Energizer's the longest lasting alkaline ever.

It's a simple as changing out the kids toys or even the batteries in the remote or your flash light to be more green.

#5. Getting Crafty

Just the other day I made these amazing basketballs out of old cardboard for a party I was throwing. Today they are being used as toys for the kids. I let the boys keep them and even made some more so that they both had a matching pair. You can never go wrong with making homemade toys for this kids. I know for one my boys love the simplest things so why would I go out and spent tons of money when I can easily make them toys at home and be green in doing that? 


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40 Weeks movie was amazing.

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Being pregnant is one of the most amazing feelings in the world. Just the thought of how awesome it is that I can grow a human inside of me in such a short amount of time is extraordinary. Now that I have had three kids and have gone through the ups and downs, it was refreshing to see that there is now a documentary to help women like you and I learn about what will happen and what to expect during your pregnancy.

I for one had no idea about a lot of things. For starters, how much my body would change and what all my body would go through. 40 Weeks follows many women through the journey of pregnancy and shows the ups and downs along the way. How amazing and difficult everything can be and I actually found it quite funny at how accurate everything was. I hope you future moms and even mom's in general have the chance to check out this amazing, funny and awesome documentary about how incredible our bodies are.

I am so grateful to Mission Pharmacal and Dr. Smith's Diaper Rash Ointment for being special sponsors of this film and giving other women the ability to watch. I can tell you throughout out my 3 pregnancies I can agree with everything these women are saying that happens to their bodies.

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