Ryan on the move.

Monday, October 5, 2015
25 days. 25 days and my baby girl will be 1-year-old. Where on earth has the time gone? This one has been a hard one for me knowing that she is my last baby and not only will she be one, but she is going to be done breastfeeding soon as well. What am I going to do? I think I might just cry. But that's not all. She is also getting ready to walk. This little angel may look like an angel, but she sure knows how to get into everything. She is crawling everywhere and getting into everything. 

I love it when she sees something she wants, and she goes from crawling like a normal baby to head down, speed racer as if she has seen Brink! Yeah, if you're my age then you know what I'm talking about.

Speaking of Brink, I have a funny story.

When Brink first came out, I was about 8 or 9 years old, my brother two years older. We were obsessed with Brink and all things rollerblading. To the point of one day, after my mom went to work of course.  My brother thought it would be a great idea to ride up to the top of a hill and roll down this curvy, dangerous hill, squatting like they did in the movie, with his head down. He was going so fast he didn't know what to do. Let's just say he still has the scars from that fall.

Ok, it wasn't funny when it happen but to look back on the stupid things my brother and I did when we were younger I can only imagine what my children will be getting into to. Which brings me back to this little angel who is all over the place already and she's not even one yet.

With her crawling now and fixing to walk there is nothing more important than making sure she stays dry and mess-free. Who want's a messy, wet baby when out in public with a beautiful dress on? I know I don't. That's why we use Huggies Little Movers. I have alway's been a Huggies fan, and now that I have a little mover of my own I wouldn't want to use anything else.

The new Huggies Little Movers have a Moving Baby System, which not only fits with an outstanding grip but also protects babies from wetness by absorbing on contact. Making it more enjoyable for our littles to learn to dance, run, jump and climb.

A new way to have fun during Halloween.

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Halloween has become scary.  And not in a good way.  It's the same thing over and over every single year.  We hand money over for costumes and individually wrapped candies. Walking door to door with the hopes of someone answering and praying that they aren't a scary person year around haha.  It has been the same formula for years.  How do you make it to where people enjoy coming over to your home for years to come?  I have the answer, a Halloween themed party of course!  This is a great idea for everyone to meet up at your home and play a couple of games and get excited as a group before heading out to go trick-or-treating.  And I have a fantastic snack idea I want to share with you that you can share with your guests.

Before we get started on making these awesome treats for the kiddos lets head over to Walmart and pick up the fun items you will need to make this fun, amazing Halloween treats the kids will scream over. 

What you will need: 
  • Reddi Wip Original
  • Snack Pack® Pudding Cups (I got the Vanilla and Chocolate) 
  • NABISCO Go-Paks! I bought 5 different flavors. 
    • TEDDY GRAHAMS Honey Graham Snacks
    • Mini OREO Chocolate Sandwich Cookies
    • NUTTER BUTTER Bites Sandwich
    • Mini NILLA Wafers
    • CHIPS AHOY! Mini Chocolate Chip Cookies
  • Box of cake mix (your choice) for your cupcakes. 

First you want to take your Vanilla Wafers or any of the other mouth watering, children loving, all you want to eat choices from your NABISCO Go-Paks and put them in a plastic baggie. I did this with each of the flavors that way each Go-Pak had its fun yet different flavor to it. Crush your Wafers up, but not so much. You don't want your Wafers to look like saw dust but more like wood chips. WOW, I did not just refer my food to wood did I? Anyways, back to the treats at hand. After you're done relieving some stress on your Wafers, pull out your cupcakes and cut them in half. The bottom half and the top half.

After you cut your cupcake into two different pieces, you will do as shown in the picture above. First put the bottom of your cupcake into your empty Go-Pak. Then on top of your cupcake you will want to add enough Reddi Wip on top. Your Snack Pack comes next. The whole snack pack, we don't want to short serve the kids now do we? Once you have emptied your Snack Pack, you will want to add now your crushed Wafers. After the crushed Wafers, you will want to add the top of your cupcake before topping it off with Reddi Wip before the decorating begins.

Now it's time to start decorating. Since Reddi Wip is nice and fluffy, I decided that I wanted to make a spider web since Nolan is really into (or not into) spiders right now. My kids go crazy over bugs all the time. Like scream your head off, someone is killing me crazy. I blame the phobia on my husband he's worse than the children! 
Making a spider web was nice and easy. First as shown above you will make a group of circles as shown above. Almost like a target.
Take a toothpick and starting from the outside you want to drag the toothpick ever so lightly to the center. Only do this once because the more and more you go over it the Reddi Wip doesn't want to cooperate and your husband will enjoy eating all your mess ups.
Add your spider and what do you know. You have a fun Halloween snack for your children/husband to enjoy this Halloween. I know I better be the cool mom on the block after this one. They are rocking the Halloween scene right now. I'm thrilled. 

I would love to hear what your creative ideas are for this Halloween! Are you having a Halloween party? Don't forget to come back and share your fun stories. 

Don't forget to stop by Walmart with this amazing coupon and get your BUY ONE, GET ONE FREE NABISCO Go-Paks! Buy ONE (1) Snack Pack® Pudding and get ONE (1) FREE (up to $1.00) NABISCO Go-Paks! (2.25 oz. or larger)

How I keep my car cool in hot Texas weather.

Friday, October 2, 2015

***This post was sponsored by Kulcar. All opinions are my own and may differ from yours.

140 degrees. 140 degrees is how hot your car can get in 3 hours of sitting outside in 100-degree weather. In just 5 minutes, the temperature can rise just 10 degrees, 25 degrees in a short 40 minutes. Living in Texas this is all to common and some days the temperature gets as high as 104. Which is why I have chosen not to have leather seats. Who wants to get into a hot car in shorts where not only will your bumbs burn but your legs sweat like crazy. I know I don't. But there is just a little more than my bumb being hot that I never realized. Did you know that aside from being too hot that other things can happen such as an increased chance to get cancer? I know, I know. Everything causes cancer nowadays, right? Yes, many things can cause cancer nowadays but why would you not want to prevent something if you can.


I also don't want to get into a steaming car and have to wait for it to cool down. Some days I can't even touch my steering wheel due to the heat. That's why I'm so excited to be working with Kulcar.

Not only is Kulcar easy to install but it decreases the chance of you having health issues in the future. When the inside of your car reaches a certain level of heat, harmful fumes like Methyl and Acrolein can be released from your car's interior. Yes, Methyl and Acrolein are both cancer-causing chemicals that we could be breathing in every day.


Kulcar has a patented dual turbofan designed to move a large volume of hot and odorous air out of your parked car that is sitting under the sun. Keeping the interior of your car from overheating and releasing some of those harmful chemicals.  I love that not only does it keep my car cool in the hot Texas sun but that a solar panel runs it with clean energy. Who doesn't want to stay safe, cool and help the environment while you're at it?


We have been using Kulcar for a little over a week and let me tell you what, it works. I love that I can put my children in the back of my car, and I don't have to worry about them overheating while waiting for our car to cool down or that I might be introducing harmful chemicals to my children that could be prevented. Ryan, my youngest, already sweats like crazy. I didn't know it was possible for a baby to sweat as much as she does. Before Kulcar, I would set her in the car, turn it on and turn around to check on her and her whole head of what little hair she has would be soaking wet from sweat. I always felt so distressed for her; I could only imagine how hot she would have been for her to sweat that much. But now with Kulcar I don't have to worry about that anymore. I mean she still sweats but an average amount of sweat. I no longer take her out of the car and have to change her outfit due to sweating through. AMAZING right?

I strongly suggest to check it out and read into what harms your car could be causing that you don't know about. Help keep your bumbs from burning, kids from overheating and harmful chemicals from getting to your family. Trust me when I say that I'm in love. Kulcar is guaranteed to keep your car cooler or your money back. Give it a try and you will not be sorry. 

Chocolate Filled Cup Cakes & Boo Kit

Tuesday, September 29, 2015
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Boo! Did I get you? No, that's ok. It's coming. 
As Halloween gets closer and closer, I'm having more and more fun not only decorating but baking and BOOing too. My children are loving it, talk about needed to make a dentist appointment! Having so many friends and family all of who I want to join in the fun with me. I've decided to capture the joy of Halloween and create BOO Kits for everyone. What is a BOO Kit you ask? Let me show you. 
First things first. In my BOO Kit, you can't have a complete Boo Kit without some baking, so I've decided to make a dark chocolate cupcake to accompany my BOOing. 
What you will need to make your dark chocolate cupcakes. 
  • Mars Candy
  • 2 Eggs
  • 2 tsp. of Vanilla Extract
  • 1/2 cup of butter, softened
  • 1.5 cups of  granulated sugar
  • 1.5 cups of all-purpose flour
  • 1/2 cup of buttermilk
  • 1/2 cup of brewed coffee (just use your favorite coffee)
  • 1 tsp. of baking soda
  • 1/2 cup of dark chocolate cocoa powder
  • 1/4 tsp of salt
  • Your favorite chocolate icing. 

  1. Preheat oven to 375
  2. In a mixing bowl, KitchenAid (whichever you use) mix your butter and sugar until nice and fluffy. Once fluffy add your eggs one at a time. Make sure each egg is well mixed in before adding another. 
  3. In a separate bowl, you will want to mix the cocoa, flour, and baking soda until all are well mixed. 
  4. Ok, people, one more bowl here! (I know, we are making a mess) 
  5. Stir together buttermilk and coffee. Mix thoroughly
  6. Now you will want to mix all together. Mix in about a third of the dry ingredients, then buttermilk and coffee, repeat until all in blended well. 
  7. Pull out your cupcake pan, fill your liners, poor half full with cake batter then place your favorite MARs candy in the center. Poor the rest of your batter to the top. 
  8. Back for 15-20 min. Use a toothpick to check the if cupcake is thoroughly cooked.
  9. Add needed time or not. 
Now onto my BOO Kit! I wanted to make this as fun as possible, so I have to think of the children in most homes. I mean really, besides the candy most of the fun is had by the children, right?  I headed out to Walmart and bought some fun Halloween toys, a pumpkin (so the parents have to carve something). A carving kit, Sunkist®, 7Up®, and a ton of Mars Chocolate Mix Fun Size mini candies to go along with the cupcakes. 
Here is an awesome coupon for you to get Save $2.00 on on ONE (1) 6pk 8oz Cans or TWO (2) 2L and 2 bags of Mars® Candy.
Making the BOO Kit was quite simple. First you will need something to hold everything together. I used this basket that I had around my house. I first placed my pumpkin and some Halloween toys at the bottom. Filled my jack-o-lantern basket full of candy from my Chocolate Mix Fun Size. Placed my Sunkist® and 7Up® along with my two Halloween-inspired cups on top! Throw on some more fun toys to fill in the blank spots and there it is. Your very own Boo Kit. 

 Don't forget to print out your very own BOO-Kit note for you to use! Cut out this "We've been BOO'd sign. Fold the "You've been BOO'd" greeting card (page 2) and tape openings together. Include the card and sign when gifting BOO bundles.

There you have it! A fun, leave at the door, BOO Kit. Perfect for all ages and a perfect way for parents to get in the giving spirit and have fun with their children. I'd love to see what all you come up with this Halloween and how you have decided to create your very own BOO Kits. 


Thursday, September 24, 2015

A good makeup can make you look not only beautiful but even younger. As well as bad makeup can add some extra years to your face that are probably not so welcomed too. Don’t believe me? Well, there are a bunch of makeup artists who have some proof that there are some mistakes that add you at least 10 years! And bellow you will find the biggest ones. Read it carefully right away and start making changes! Makeup should always work in the best possible way for you! 

Too pale foundation
So one of the first mistakes many women do is choosing the wrong foundation color. And usually it is a little bit too pale one! In fact, some makeup professionals agree that you should forget about foundation matching your skin tone. Actually you should choose a slightly warmer tone foundation to create healthier and radiant skin. Of course, that should be around your complexion color too. 
Too much blush
I do believe that you loved that doll you had with huge round red circles on her cheeks, but that is not to copy while applying your makeup! In fact, too much blush makes you look funny and not beautiful at all! And of course, you need to know what type of color pallet works for you too. For instance, olive skin looks best with warmer tones, fair skin with pink or rosy tones and dark skin with plum or berry. And if you don’t know how to apply it correctly use ancient old “smile” trick – just smile and apply blush on the part of your apples of the cheeks. That is it!

Too dark lip liner
One of the easiest to spot mistakes a woman can make is to use a lot darker lip liner color than her lipstick! This is one look that should have stayed in the 80s. And you really probably don’t want people to think about you as a person who came from that time. To avoid that choose the right match to your lipstick or just don’t use a lip liner at all. Or you can forget about lipstick and cover your whole lips with your desired lip liner color!

Too much of mascara
Another big mistake some women tend to do is to use way too much of mascara, creating clumpy eyelashes. This will definitely make your eyes much smaller, tired and it just looks plain messy. To avoid those clumpy little stuff on your eyelashes, wipe the mascara wand against the opening of the tube to get rid of any excess mascara and only then start to apply it. If that is not enough, then comb through your lashes with an old toothbrush or an eyelash comb to separate them and get rid of the gunk. 

So now you know the biggest mistakes that all comes to one – too much of everything. Always choose less rather than more and I can promise you will look great. 
Now to get the best makeup suitable for you, you should visit Nordstrom right away! One of the reasons why – Nordstrom online coupons from ChameleonJohn.com. With it you can enjoy great quality makeup and big savings too. 
Enjoy being beautiful, knowing what looks good and shine brighter with any makeup there is in the world! 

Fun Fall activities to save money!

Tuesday, September 22, 2015
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Fall, Fall, Fall. That's all I seem to be writing about these last few weeks but who could blame me? Fall is just amazing. With all the marvelous fun outside activities, smells, baking, and fabulous weather who wouldn't want to jump in on all the fun?  In addition to, Fall is the perfect time to start thinking about the holidays and how you can start to save a little money by switching to Walmart Family Mobile to get ready for holiday spending.  Ugh, the dreaded spending.  I don't know about you, but that has crossed my mind at least twice just today.  But that aside, today I wanted to share with you a list of fun fall activities that my family and I will be doing. 
Go enjoy a football game! 
Texans are crazy about football.  Whether it be high school, college or pro football, every week there is more than one football game to watch and we Texan's jump for joy when the time comes to sit and watch our favorite teams. It's addicting and exciting to join in all the fun and cost little to nothing to spend the time with your family. So save a few bucks, skip that Friday Night movie and drinks and head out to your local high school and watch a game with your family. I'm sure your kids would love it, and it saves you a little money! 
Pumpkin Patch: 
If you haven't taken your kids out to the local pumpkin patch for fun and family photos you are missing out. This is absolutely one of the must do activities my family does every year. There are so many around the city and cost nothing to get out and enjoy the full festivities that Fall brings you. And cost nothing. That is unless you want to buy the pumpkins which brings me to our next fun fall activity... 
Pumpkin Carving: 
What child doesn't love to carve pumpkins? I know my kids love pulling out the stringy insides of a pumpkin, letting them carve and add a candle for effect. This brings joy in so many ways to my kids eyes. To see something they created and put it out for the world to see. 
Have a fall party and bake: 
Not too long ago I shared with you a fun fall get-together for some friends of mine. Parties do not have to be big but can be small, inexpensive and extraordinary. Pull out those fun all decorations, invite some friends over for dinner at your house and save a little money on going out. 
Switch to Walmart Family Mobile:
I cannot tell you enough how amazing Walmart Family Mobile is and how much money you can save just by switching over. I have had my LG Leon LTE for a couple months now and I'm loving it. Not only does it take great photos but it is perfect when your family is trying to save. We all know how crazy life can get and how expensive the holidays are. That's why Walmart Family Mobile is so amazing. For only $29.88/month for Unlimited Talk, Text & Data (up to 1G of 4G LTE data). How amazing is that? Talking about saving, taking great pictures of your fall activities and being ready for the holidays. 
So what do you have going on this Fall? I'd love to hear what fun activities you have planned and how you plan on saving money. 

Finding ways to inspire kids with Dannon® Danimals®

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The day I found out I was having a boy I jumped for joy thinking about all the fun things and activities I wanted to put him in. Nolan Patrick is my oldest and boy oh boy does he have one big personality. I remember looking into his eyes and trying to imagine what his personality was going to be like. Would he like sports like his mama or music like his daddy? Would he be creative, independent or clingy? So many thoughts that went through my head have now been answered. 

Nolan is Nolan. There is no explaining him. Nolan has too many different personalities that all fit into one perfect little person who I'm sure still doesn't know what he wants. But he is 5 now, 6 in December and his first year to be playing football. Football, the one sport I could not wait to put him in. Let's just say I must have had high expectations for my little dude because boy oh boy does he not know what he is doing. If football was supposed to be an entertaining comedy, show he would be rocking it. By watching football, I've learned a lot about my son. He knows how to dance with his friends, snap his fingers, lose his shoes and run in the wrong directions. I've also learned that my son just likes to have a great time. He doesn't care who is watching or what is going on (not that that's a good thing) but he just wants to have a glorious time and boy does he. 

While walking through Walmart the other day I had been thinking hard about way's I can get him excited about football. How can I as a mom encourage him to do his best and have the energy to do so after a long day of school. That's when I came across Dannon® Danimals®

Dannon® Danimals® is a smoothie drink that I love to buy Nolan for snacks. If you have growing boys, then you know what I mean when I say they are ALWAYS hungry. After school, before bed, after dinner, after snack he is always asking for some kind of substance to eat and Dannon® Danimals® was the perfect filler upper to keep him going. Since I already had the perfect snack, I needed to find the perfect quotes to add to them to add a unique touch to his afternoon, pre-practice snacks. Something that would make him know how much I love him and to be himself no matter what. 

Don't forget to head over and enter the Fuel Up to Play contest for a chance to win tons of cool prized and a chance for NFL players to head over to your local school. 

How are you inspiring your children? I'd love to hear your stories on how you get your little ones fueled up and ready to go. 
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